Yatch Harbor Area

The Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor offers a wide array of fun things to do as well as a great diversity of homes to enjoy the waterside living.The yacht harbor area is the place to be if you want to be a beach bum, a fisherman or a sailor and is sort of its own little community there.


The most desirable Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor real estate immediately rings the harbor and has lovely views of the boats and harbor. Within walking distance the beachgoer or summer renter can get most of anything, even a tomato they forgot to bring for the BBQ on the beach at the bonfire.

The Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor was created in the early 60's and provides a wealth of sailing, fishing and kayaking or Hobie Catting off of the beach.


There are kayaking and outrigger clubs, such as Santa Cruz Rowing too for those who want to get out and have a great day on the water. The beach is easily accessible to those who are not ocean fronting.


While there are many Santa Cruz beach houses for summer rental, there are just as many people who love the water and the beach who live here full time. You can read more of this history of the Santa Cruz yacht harbor homes, below.


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